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Over the past year, we have seen the speech recognition market evolve like never before. When we first announced our Series A in March 2020, enterprises were starting to recognize the impact a tailored approach to speech could have on their business. Yet, there was no "race to space" moment driving companies to adopt a new solution, especially when their existing provider was working "fine." That quickly changed when COVID-19 hit. Companies were at an inflection point and forced to fast track digital transformation initiatives, compressing years of well-thought-out plans into mere months, and quickly transitioning teams to a remote workforce. The pandemic exposed the cracks in the foundation-while many enterprises were loosely prepared to adopt a remote workforce, the technology in play was not adequate. Voice enabled technology for example, which was considered a "nice to have", quickly became a necessity for many businesses. At Deepgram, we take our role in this evolution very seriously. We are on a mission to set the standard for how to build voice enabled applications, and help enterprises differentiate themselves.

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Essential Building Blocks for Voice AI