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Just OK ASR is Not Good Enough

We get it. Poor transcription accuracy means poor speech analytics and lack luster insights. You can’t extract insights with 65-80% accuracy. Good news: you don’t have to. Many Deepgram customers see over 90% accuracy depending on their use case. We didn’t settle for just ok. You shouldn’t either.

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High Accuracy for Better Speech Analysis

Data is your lifeblood, and garbage in is garbage out. So why settle for garbage call transcripts? Our Speech Models identify specific keywords and phrases including terminology, product terms, acronyms, and accents and more. We are designed for enterprise speech recognition and precise speech analytics, so background noise and cross-talk during calls and meetings don’t bother us. Leverage an AI model tailored to your specific use case.

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Speed Without Sacrifice

Are your reports and dashboards waiting for accurate information? Transcribe one hour of audio in 30 seconds with the accuracy you need for actionable insights. In fact, you can transcribe and analyze a whole day of call data within that same day. How is that for fast?

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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Are your customers only transcribing 5-10% of their calls for analysis because of high transcription or computing costs? Our Deep Learning Speech Platform can run hundreds audio streams on 1 GPU. Increase your voice data while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) to create more growth opportunities for your business.

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Scalable to Your Growth

Start small or go big. Our GPU approach allows our solution to grow with your business without exponential costs. You can finally harness the voice analytics from your recordings for true voice-of-the-customer insights without IT.

Why Deepgram

Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.”

Adam Settle

VP of Product


Captured 100% of our call center audio.

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There could be hundreds of issues a customer is calling in about. Add to this complexity there is a distribution of words, specific to each of our customer’s brands. We couldn’t get these words right using Google, Amazon or Speechmatics, and are thrilled to finally reach our accuracy goal with Deepgram.”

Arjun Maheswaran


In a head to head test, Deepgram model training yielded a lower WER.

More About Agara

Deepgram has given OTO the ability to provide services to our customers we couldn’t with Google.”

Nicolas Perony

OTO Systems


Best Speech Recognition for OTO Systems

More About OTO

With voice data sets increasingly seen as a strategic asset awash with rich insights, timely access to high-quality audio and transcripts for AI engines to reason over is critical. Our partnership with Deepgram delivers this, underpinned by market-leading infrastructure and TCO.”

Pete Ellis

Red Box Voice


The Most Accurate Real-Time Transcription Solution

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As we’ve begun to roll out Deepgram to our customers, we’ve noticed the platform’s distinct ability to quickly and accurately transcribe product and company names.”

Adam Larsen


Why They Chose Deepgram: Listening Correctly at Scale

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No Compromises.
Only Opportunities.

What could you do with 90%+ accuracy and real-time 300-milliseconds transcription speed at a fraction of the cost of legacy ASR solutions?

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