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2021 State of Automatic Speech Recognition

Insight from 400 decision makers using ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Report by Opus Research

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opportunity knocking

Learn about current and future uses of ASR and the criteria being used for partner selection.


from tool to tactic

Speech recognition adoption is increasing as more enterprises see its strategic uses.


believe ASR is important/very important to their enterprise strategy.


accelerated adoption of ASR due to Covid-19.


will increase/significantly increase ASR spending.



The survey and analysis reveal:

  • How your peers are currently using speech recognition
  • Where they are currently extracting the value from ASR
  • Where they are strategically looking to expand ASR
  • What you should look for in vetting ASR providers

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Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on software and services that supports digital transformation. They are focused on the merging of intelligent assistance, NLU, machine learning, conversational AI, conversational intelligence, intelligent authentication, service automation and digital commerce.


See how others are getting value out of voice.

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