2022 State of Voice Technology

Updated with the latest insights from 400 decision makers using ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Report by Opus Research

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Learn about current and future uses of voice tech and the criteria being used for partner selection.

voice as business strategy

Voice as a Strategy

An overwhelming 99% of respondents said they view voice-enabled experiences as a critical part of their company’s future enterprise strategy.

Bias in Voice Technology

Bias in Speech Technology

Whether it’s gender, race, age, or language, 92% of respondents are concerned about the impact of bias in speech technology on their customers.

productivity roi of voice technology

Return on Investment

The biggest return on investment was from increasing productivity with a majority of respondents (71%) saying that they experienced a 26-50% increase in productivity from speech technology.



The survey and analysis reveal:

  • How your peers are currently using voice technology
  • Where is the highest ROI in implementing speech technology
  • What is the biggest motivation to implement voice technology
  • When voice technology will be mainstream
  • And more

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