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Deepgram is the most accurate, fastest, scalable, and affordable Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solution for enterprises and software companies.

Accurate ASR at Scale

Our AI Speech Platform enables you to label, train, and deploy accurate, reliable, transcription at scale. Now you can maximize your voice data for the best customer or employee experience possible.

Use cases that can be supercharged by Deepgram:

    Transcribe all your calls without sacrificing accuracy, speed, or cost. That’s right. ALL of them.


    Create human-like conversations with unmatched accuracy and 300-millisecond transcription for natural conversational style.


    You can’t extract insights with 65-80% accuracy. Achieve 90%+ accuracy and transcribe one hour of audio in one minute at a fraction of the cost.

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“Deepgram engines have outperformed any of the others that we have tried or looked into. Our accuracy levels are greater than 90% on virtually everything that we do.”

Easy to use. Easy to try.

Deepgram can be used alone or on top of your existing tech. Whatever works for you. We’re ready to help you get more value out of your voice data.

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“There could be hundreds of issues a customer is calling in about. Add to this complexity there is a distribution of words, specific to each of our customer’s brands. We couldn’t get these words right using Google, Amazon or Speechmatics, and are thrilled to finally reach our accuracy goal with Deepgram.”

“Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.”

“Deepgram is doing groundbreaking work in the speech analytics field, and we are delighted to be working closely with them. Their world class GPU-accelerated speech recognition enables faster, more accurate natural language processing that will make an important impact on a range of industries.”

Open up new opportunities with improved speech recognition.

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