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Our AI technology uses real-world data for consistent improvement, providing unmatched speech-to-text accuracy and outperforming competitors. Our end-to-end deep learning offers unrivaled ASR solutions with superior speed, real-time transcriptions, and scalability. That's why leading startups to enterprises trust Deepgram.

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Higher-quality data = higher performance

Unlike other ASR providers, Deepgram’s data-centric AI uses curated, real-world data to continuously improve accuracy. The more audio you feed into our AI the more accurate your results. It’s an ASR that actually gets smarter the more you use it.


Built for faster innovation

This data-centric approach also reduces development time, which means we’re actually faster at improving and expanding our offering. This efficiency — combined with our team of expert researchers, linguists, and engineers — is how we’re building the world’s best ASR.


More voice data = more insights at scale

Not only does Deepgram offer models that are half the cost of the big guys, but all our models run on GPUs. That means numerous audio streams run per GPU (without losing accuracy) vs one stream per CPU with other providers. That’s exponentially more insights for more informed business decisions.


The end of status quo

End-to-end deep learning isn’t marketing-speak, it’s the key to radically better ASR without limits to speed, accuracy and scalabilty. Innovative brands like these have chosen Deepgram to power their STT to improve voice experiences or create new use cases that take them forward.


No need to settle for one-size-fits-all

Your use case isn’t the same as someone else’s, so why use the same one-size-fits-all solution? With Deepgram you have the option of a Base model (half the cost or less of other ASRs if that’s a primary concern), our Enhanced model (when out-of-the-box accuracy is paramount), or the option to train a model for human-level accuracy on the unique words that matter to you. Not to mention dozens of languages and dialects to choose from.

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The tools to make building easier

Deepgram is built to power anything you take on. Whether you’re just tinkering or transforming an enterprise AI initiative, our speech API makes the job easier.

With several SDKs and robust documentation, you can get to “Hello World” in minutes. And if you’re looking do something really different, our expert team is here to help. That’s right, actual human engineers you can talk to. It’s crazy.


Smooth sailing for making waves

“Ok, Deepgram,” you say. “So you’re more accurate. You’re faster. You can help me scale up…but is the juice worth the squeeze? Switching seems like a giant hassle.”

Au contraire, mon frère. Not only do we make STT easy to use, we also make it easy to migrate. Some customers have even made the switch in as little as 24 hours. When you’re ready to think beyond “how it’s always been done,” Deepgram can help you do it without rocking the boat.

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