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Tips on Choosing a Conversational AI Development Path

Conversational AI, and specifically voicebots, are a transformational technology for many industries. In this blog, we would like to share a high-level process flow of how a Conversational AI voicebot works, the types of technologies… Read More »

Deepgram Named a High Performer for Voice Recognition in G2 Fall Report

Deepgram has been recognized as one of the best solutions for Voice Recognition based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend from real users on G2, a leading software solution review… Read More »

Hell Yes, We Have SDKs, APIs, and Docs

We are excited to introduce Phase One of our Developer-First initiative to help voice technology developers implement our revolutionary End-to-End AI Speech Platform more easily. Issues With Legacy Speech Recognition Voice has been one of… Read More »

Deepgram Enables Developers To Build The Future Of Voice With Suite Of New Features And $10 Million In Free Speech Recognition

ASR leader launches developer tools, free speech recognition, enabling developers to put voice at the heart of their business SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 3, 2021— Deepgram, the leading automatic speech recognition (ASR) provider, today announced… Read More »

Build With the Official Deepgram SDKs

We love empowering our developer communities to take full advantage of voice in their applications. So, we’re announcing two new official SDKs for Node.js and Python. Both of these SDKs make it easier than ever… Read More »

Voicebots Will Enhance Your Life (Not Destroy It)

We have been lucky to have two interesting and informative panel discussions on the evolution, current state, and future predictions of Conversational AI voicebots.  What makes a Great Conversational AI Experience Evolution of Voicebots: From… Read More »

Real-time routing of conversational data is table stakes for enterprises

With voice data increasingly seen as a strategic asset awash with rich insights, timely access to real-time high-quality audio and transcripts for AI engines to reason over is critical.  In fact, the advanced capabilities of… Read More »

Propelled by Product, Customer and Industry Momentum, Deepgram Continues to Build the Future of Speech Recognition

Growth fueled by increased ASR adoption, expanding software customer base and key executive hires SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 29, 2021 — Deepgram, the leading automatic speech recognition vendor, today announces continued momentum following impressive company… Read More »

The Language of LGBTQ Inclusion and Allyship

Happy Pride! Pride is about expressing your authentic self, being visible, and telling your story. At Deepgram, that’s right up our alley. One of our core beliefs is that every voice should be heard and… Read More »

What Makes a Great Conversational AI Experience?

You are not alone if you have ever experienced a poor interaction with a voicebot. Perhaps you heard, “Sorry, I didn’t get that. Can you repeat your request?” or have been transferred to a human… Read More »

Introducing Real-Time Streaming and Solutions for Conversational AI, Sales and Support Enablement

The promise of AI has consistently been to solve problems and deliver experiences in ways that are faster, cheaper and better. At Deepgram, AI is in our DNA – we’re an automatic speech recognition company… Read More »

Does unsupervised learning create superior speech recognition?

Recently there have been a number of articles published around the use of unsupervised learning for speech recognition. We asked members of our research team for their take on this type of training, and if… Read More »

Deepgram is a Founding Member of CallMiner’s Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS)

Deepgram is proud to be a founding member of CallMiner’s Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS). This standard programming framework enables CallMiner’s customers to choose the best speech recognition provider for their use cases. The OVTS… Read More »

A Conversation with Asian American & Pacific Islander Deepgrammers

A core part of why we show up to work at Deepgram every day is that we believe every voice should be heard and understood. We know that the way we speak and express ourselves… Read More »

New Spanish and Turkish Language Models and Updated General Models

Our Production Team and Deepgram Labs are releasing new languages and speech models. New General Release Models: Spanish Language Model Turkish Language Model Improved Speech Models: General Model Meeting Model Phonecall Model Deepgram Labs Models:… Read More »


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