What is AutoML? How the Technology Paves the Way for the Future of ASR

There is a lot of buzz around the term “AutoML” and what it can really do for companies. When you hear the term “AI creating AI”, it’s bound to incite a lot of excitement… and curiosity. At its core, AutoML means automated machine learning. It gives enterprises the power to train and deploy thousands of… Read More »

Deepgram Announces UniMRCP Integration to Power Modern Customer Experience

Clients can now implement state of the art speech recognition into their IVR solutions. COVID-19 has created a twofold challenge for customer service operations, inundating contact center employees with customer service queries while simultaneously requiring significant changes to accommodate a reduced and remote workforce. Even before the pandemic,  organizations were increasing their focus on customer… Read More »

Deepgram Pioneers Novel Training Approach Setting New Standard for AI Companies

Introducing the first AutoML Model Training for Speech Recognition Artificial intelligence has made astonishing technological advances in recent years and more companies are turning to AI to improve internal functions and unlock the potential of enterprise datasets. IDC has characterized AI as “inescapable” and estimates that by 2025, at least 90% of new enterprise apps… Read More »

Train a Deep Learning Speech Recognition model to understand your voice

Here we’ll train a speech recognition model to transcribe a phrase that it previously failed to recognize. To do this, we’ll record some audio files and train a model using Deepgram MissionControl — Deepgram’s all-in-one platform for custom training and deploying custom trained speech recognition. To explore custom training with MissionControl, we’ll train our model… Read More »

Introducing MissionControl. Train and Deploy Automatic Speech Recognition, For Free

Getting accurate transcriptions from a high volume of recorded phone calls and meetings can be a costly and downright frustrating experience for companies. That’s why we rebuilt the speech stack from the ground-up, ditching traditional, brittle methods for end-to-end deep learning. Using deep learning through the entire speech-to-text lifecycle allows us to build custom-trained speech… Read More »

Using Your Own Audio Data to Train a Model

In the Quickstart Guide for the Deepgram MissionControl API, you learned how to train a Model using one of the free training-ready datasets from your Deepgram account. Now that you’ve had success there, let’s kick things up a notch and build a speech model using your unique audio. In this guide you’ll: Create a dataset… Read More »

Quickstart Guide for the Deepgram MissionControl API

In this quickstart, you’ll: Create a Deepgram account Get an automatic transcript from the Deepgram General Model Train an Intermediate Model with one of the free training-ready datasets Review your Intermediate Model’s Improvement Deploy your Intermediate Model and use it to get an automatic transcript Let’s get started! Create a Deepgram account To get started,… Read More »

Deepgram Enters Strategic Investment Agreement with In-Q-Tel

Today, we’re happy to announce a strategic investment and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT). IQT is a non-profit, strategic investor that helps accelerate the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to U.S. government agencies. Established in 1999, IQT has the goal of identifying and partnering with startups that are developing innovative technologies that can… Read More »

Detecting Speaker Changes in an Audio Recording — Speaker Diarization with the Deepgram API

Phone call, meeting, and audio recordings frequently feature multiple speakers on a single channel. In order to automatically distinguish between two people speaking on the phone or members of an engineering team going through their daily standup, Deepgram’s API offers the diarize parameter. When included in a request, setting diarize to true will assign each… Read More »

We Raised $12 Million to Solve Speech Recognition in the Enterprise

The excitement around speech recognition is real: it has the potential to power the next wave of modern applications and give businesses and vendors a competitive advantage. But, with excitement comes misaligned expectations. Speech recognition is a messy, tough and persistent problem for enterprises, one that has languished under existing technology providers for decades. At… Read More »

What will the AI Utopia look like? — AI Show

Scott: Welcome to the AI show. Today we’re asking the question, the very big question. What will the AI Utopia look like? Susan: We were a little negative, Debbie Downer kind of not so happy on the last podcast. Scott: Why be so negative, man? Susan: Things are going to destroy your life but, man,… Read More »

The History of the Word “Hacker”

The words “hack” and “hacker” started in the same place in English language history, split in meaning to mean horse and a brutal action verb. Curiously, these two words were reunited 2000 years later in the world of silicon chips, code, and programming. According to one of the best English etymological dictionaries available anywhere, the… Read More »

As the Crow Flies — What Does It Mean?

By road, the shortest road route is in fact 141.685 miles, and as the crow flies it is 120.495 miles. One assumes, that this is from the pinnacle of one capitol dome the other. Source here. As the crow flies means “in a straight line” or moving about from point a to point b without… Read More »

How A.I. is Advancing the Transcription Process

Until recently, there’s only been one way to accurately produce real-time audio transcription: voice writers use dictation software to convert audio to text and real-time editors clean up the resulting transcript to produce the final output. Yet, it’s costly to have voice writing in the process. Now, companies are shifting from this model, employing automatic… Read More »

What Does the AI Dystopia Look Like? — AI Show

Scott: Welcome to the AI Show. Today, we’re asking the question: What does the AI dystopia look like? Susan: Oh, man, we are going down the tubes. It’s going to be terrible. Scott: Let’s take it to negative town. The world is over. Susan: The world, as we knew it, ends basically every year and… Read More »


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