AI is changing virtually every industry. From helping predict the stock market to detecting early stage cancer through image analysis, it can be agreed that the value that AI brings can be immeasurable. Consumers also agree with that sentiment as apps and tools like ChatGPT, Bard and Midjourney are breaking records for the amount of downloads and usage that they are getting (ChatGPT is still the fastest growing tool ever with over 100 million monthly users in less than a year). If there ever was a time to figure out how to make AI work for you, it is now. 

This is especially true for small businesses and startups that don’t have the financial resources and human capital of large companies. For many startups, teams are made up of one or two people and funding is uncertain. This might be responsible for the long hours, heavy workload and high failure rates typically associated with startups.

Fortunately, with AI, a lot of problems caused by these limitations can be solved or at least lessened. Using AI, startups can automate their customer service experience, execute marketing strategies and create content around them, and analyze market trends and customer preferences. To make this easier, we have compiled a list of 10 AI tools that every startup should be using to take full advantage of the technology.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of building a startup since it plays a very critical role in the success of the startup. Jasper, an AI copilot that assists with creating and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns is helping with this. Using AI, Jasper is able to learn a brand's style, voice and other necessary background information enabling it to create accurate and consistent content that showcases a brand’s unique voice. The tool can also be used to automate project management for marketing campaigns allowing the marketing team to plan out marketing strategies and multichannel campaigns in advance. This in addition will the ability to integrate SEO and style guidelines makes it easier to streamline marketing campaigns and content for startups.

Notion AI

Notion is mainly known as an organizing and productivity tool for both individuals and businesses. By creating a platform for teams to work side-by-side and manage projects and tasks easily, the company has been able to grow to over 30 million users worldwide. The addition of an AI element to the platform has made Notion one of the must-have tools fir startups. With the new Notion AI, are able to access Q & A, a chatbot that answers questions using information in your docs and projects on Notion allowing users to easily access data and get answers to questions. Users are also able to translate, edit tone and voice, get explanations for scientific terms and turn data into actionable insights.


Today, social media is one of the most important tools that can be used in both growing a startup and managing the startup’s brand and community over time. Although the end result may look simple enough, so much goes into curating a social media presence as well as creating contents and posts to keep up with that presence. Socialbee is a one stop shop for everything social media from managing every social media account to creating content targeting various specific audiences. Socialbee can also be integrated with other tools like Unsplash, Canva and GIPHY, allowing social media managers to create content straight from Socialbee. With Socialbee, you can also create a well-structured social media calendar while automating every step of the process.


Mem is a personal knowledge assistant for both individuals and teams, helping to keep both organized in order to make sure that the user’s workflow is more efficient and simplified. With Mem, users are able to categorize and arrange ideas for users ensuring that all their knowledge and thoughts are stored in a singular database. Using the Mem search feature, users are able to search through that database (including photos, files and screenshots) and ask Mem questions that are answered immediately. Mem is also able to create content from scratch that sounds like the original user, and all-in-all, the tool is perfect for automating mundane tasks so that users can focus on more important work.


One of the most common uses of AI is in crunching numbers. With AI, the ability to analyze large amounts of data is not only possible, it is a lot more efficient. Aible is able to transform how companies and startups make decisions by analyzing data available. As a result, Aible is perfect for marketing and sales teams who want to make informed decisions. Using Aible, customers can also build generative AI tools themselves with Aible providing reduced hallucinations and automatic improvements with end user feedback. This way, Aible can be integrated into whatever business solution that is currently being used.


A major part of working at any startup is writing and receiving emails which can quickly get tiring especially if you’re not receiving the replies that you want. Lavender is an email intelligence tool that helps their users to write better emails so that they can receive better and more pleasing responses. Lavender works by integrating with the user’s email inbox and providing valuable feedback whenever it is being used. Through the dashboard, users can access email analytics that allows users to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Users can also access personalized tips on how to improve their reply rates and other statistics. Although Lavender is perfect as a sales tool, the service can be used by anyone anywhere.

ChatSpot by HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular CRM platform used by marketing, sales or content teams to grow a startup’s reach and interact with customers. HubSpot on its own is already a powerful addition for startups and the addition of AI to the software makes it a must-have for marketing and sales teams. ChatSpot, HubSpot’s AI-powered assistant is able to generate personalization and intuitive responses to questions and helps to identify specific opportunities for growth and engagement for its users. With ChatSpot, users can also draft and edit content using available company data as well as other resources that are stored on HubSpot. The AI assistant is also able to create tasks and notes making project management easier.


Some of the most popular AI tools in mainstream tech right now are chatbots that are able to provide real time answers to various questions. Claude, developed by Anthropic, is one of the best AI chatbots on the market providing human-like interactions in addition to its ability to perform complex cognitive tasks for users. This includes the ability to analyze images and process and summary long documents. Claude is also able to transcribe and analyze images translating between various languages in real time. This makes it incredibly useful for various functions involved in running a startup.


Deepgram is a speech  AI tool that enables users to build voice AI into their apps using Deepgram APIs. With a user base ranging from large corporations like NASA to small startups, Deepgram is perfect for startups looking for a fast and efficient voice AI tool. Deepgram’s text-to-speech feature boasts fast and human-like voice synthesis perfect for real-time AI agents and chatbots. The speech-to-text models are also incredibly powerful allowing developers to access tools that make transcription fast, reliable and accurate.


There is a wide range of AI tools available that are helpful in different areas of running a startup. These tools can do everything from organizing your staff and structuring your startup’s operations to helping to build and market the startup’s brand to an audience. This can be invaluable to new businesses and startups since most startups cannot compete with larger competitors in terms of people and funding. While AI tools may not be able to completely replace human intelligence, this helps to level the playing field a little for startups, allowing them to do more with their limited resources.

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