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In this fast-paced industry, it's important for new companies to stay up to date on the best tech out there. Deepgram's Startup Program, which began in Q2 2023, is a chance for these companies to use Deepgram's best in class tools.

Today, we get to toot our own horn a little and talk about the start up program’s incredible accomplishments.


Since its inception, the Deepgram Startup Program has seen a surge in usage, with startups collectively clocking 10 million minutes totalling in excess of $200,000 worth of credits. This reflects Deepgram’s commitment to bringing voice enabled AI products to the masses.


The program currently hosts 110 startups across various industries, speaks to the versatility of Deepgram's solutions. Industries include podcast tooling, healthcare tooling, phone assistance, AR/VR, SAAS, educational technology, and media.

Several startups in the program have introduced innovative products that are gaining traction in their respective markets. To explore these success stories, you can visit the Deepgram Apps Page.

The first quarter of 2024 alone saw 28 new startups join the program and consume over 2.3 million minutes of free credits!

Exclusive Access and Perks:

The startup program goes beyond just providing resources. We offer exclusive perks that sets the startup program apart:

  • Startups in the program gain early access to new releases, such as the Aura TTS model at Deepgram.

  • Startups benefit from a direct line of communication with applied engineers through Slack.

  • Joint Go-To-Market Opportunities: Deepgram's commitment extends to featuring startups on our various platforms:

    • Weekly AI Minds newsletter, a widely recognized source for AI news. sign up for the newsletter here

    • AI Minds podcast, providing an in-depth look at featured startups.

    • Feature on Deepgram's AI apps page, offering exposure and recognition. Additionally, startups enjoy great discounts when ready to scale.

AI Minds Podcast:

Below is an example of the AI Minds Podcast, featuring Edward Brawer, CEO at PodcastAI!

Office Hours:

A cornerstone of the Deepgram Startup Program is the office hours. These sessions are a treasure trove of insights, with guest speakers like Samiur from Heyday sharing clever implementations for increased accuracy in multi-track applications. Topics covered in the four office hours sessions include Rust & AI, Streaming and Real-time Processing, API Optimization, and a specialized VR version of API Optimization. We also recently organized a Text to Speech early access office hours for the startup community on Deepgram’s new release Aura.

The Deepgram Startup Program, with its impressive growth and perks, is a key player in the AI space. It provides startups with not just tools, but also a supportive ecosystem for their success. This is especially significant as startups navigate their journey in the AI industry.

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