Pop quiz. As a Python developer or enthusiast, why might you attend PyCon?

A. Hear some of the most amazing talks and presentations on Python B. Expand your network with other Python professionals from around the world C. Land your dream job as a Pythonista D. Learn about the most innovative trends in Python land E. Participate in tutorials and workshops delivered by the top experts F. All of the above

If you chose F, All of the above, you are correct!

What is PyCon?

PyCon is the largest Python conference for developers worldwide, and it’s back in person this year in Salt Lake City, Utah. The members of the Python community organize PyCon and welcome people of all developer experience levels. We at Deepgram are incredibly excited about PyCon US 2022 because we are one of the sponsors this year and have a booth. You might be wondering what’s so special about having one? The best part about it is that we get to meet people like yourself, and you can interact with our technology!

What is Deepgram?

Deepgram is an automated voice-to-text company that allows you to build applications that transcribe speech-to-text, where you’ll receive an actual transcript of the person speaking or a conversation between multiple people. One of the many reasons to choose us over other providers is that we build better voice applications with faster, more accurate transcription through AI Speech Recognition.

We offer real-time transcription and pre-recorded speech-to-text, allowing you to upload a file with voice. We recently published a blog post on using our Python SDK to do live transcription with some of the most popular Python web frameworks, including FastAPIFlaskDjango, and Quart.

Now that you have a better understanding of Deepgram let’s see how you can use us to change the world.

Deepgram Speech-to-Text Use Cases

At Deepgram, we live by our mission of “We believe every voice should be heard – and understood.” We do this by making it easy for innovators to build scalable, more humanized voice experiences that could be game-changers or save lives.

Here are some speech recognition use cases for Deepgram.

Medical Transcription Speech-to-Text

Imagine you have a loved one who needs medical attention. The physician usually takes notes by memory or types them into the computer when visiting the doctor. What if they could use the patient’s voice to capture what’s happening with them medically? The application can transcribe the real-time conversation between the doctor and patient. This feature will save lots of time which is crucial for saving a patient. You could also provide valuable insights from the speech recognition transcript that the doctor may have missed or look for important words or phrases the patient spoke using Deepgram’s search feature. You can check out more information about this feature on our API Reference page.

Police BodyCam Analysis Speech-to-Text

In today’s world, there are police departments that have officers wearing body cameras. It records their interactions and behaviors using it as a training and safety tool. Using Deepgram’s Python SDK speech-to-text features, you can capture the audio into a transcript that can provide insights into how a police officer interacts with the public. To de-escalate situations, they can receive feedback from their superiors.

Another scenario is a police captain can analyze a Deepgram transcript using speech recognition to determine the effectiveness of something, like a traffic stop. Essential phrases can be verified, decreasing the number of lawsuits for police departments.

Accessibility Speech-to-Text

Imagine you have a friend who has a disability who cannot use their hands to type and needs the help of customer service at their favorite store. With Deepgram, you can build an application that allows for Conversational AI, to hold a conversation with a chatbot instead of typing. Chatbots are increasing in popularity and sometimes the only way to reach customer service but limit a whole population segment.

Using Deepgram Python speech recognition can also increase educational opportunities for those who may have learning disabilities. Instead of writing an essay or paper, you can build an editor that allows people to write with their voice.

Visit Deepgram at PyCon

You’ve now learned a handful of use cases for Deepgram voice-to-text transcription and Python. There are many more, and the opportunities are endless. Can you think of other uses cases for Deepgram and our Python SDK? To let us know, you can Tweet us at @deepgramdevs. We would love to see you at PyCon US 2022, so stop by and say hello!

If you have any feedback about this post, or anything else around Deepgram, we'd love to hear from you. Please let us know in our GitHub discussions .

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