The mainstream success of AI in the past couple of years is arguably one of the best things to happen to the field in recent times. Apps and tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Jasper, and Synthesia are demonstrating how far AI has come and highlighting the potential of the technology. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of so many new and exciting tools and technologies that are being developed right now, ushering in a new generation of tools that makes people’s personal and business lives faster and much more efficient. 

A lot of these AI-powered tools are extremely popular (AI apps have recently dominated the Apple Store charts and ChatGPT has the fastest growing user base ever) but the abundance of AI apps now means that a lot of compelling AI-powered tools and resources fly under the radar. To help with this, we have compiled a list of AI apps that you can and should be using right now including some not so popular ones.

Hemingway Editor

When ChatGPT was first released two years ago, the futuristic nature of the app drew mainstream attention to the tech and specifically AI industry. Since then, many conversations have been had about the possibility of AI becoming powerful enough that humans would no longer be needed for jobs. This has mostly centered around creative industries as AI generated art became more popular with tools like ChatGPT and Jasper acting as a substitute for writing and Midjourney and DeepAI for creating art.

Hemingway is taking the opposite approach by acting solely as an assistant for writers, helping them to improve their skills and make their work more accessible. Trained on the writing style of famed novelist Ernest Hemingway, the editor is easy to use and gives an overarching view of the writing in its editing including highlighting grammatical errors and confusing sentences. The free version of the app includes a lot of features that would only be available in the paid community of other competing services. 


AI has completely revolutionized the creative industry, providing ways for artists, musicians and writers to create content faster and easier. While this has allowed artists to automate the mundane parts of tgeir job, it has also sparked a conversation about the legality and ethics of AI generated art. The increase in AI generated music featuring the voices of popular musicians (even pop singer Drake recently released a song that featured the AI generated voice of rapper, Tupac) has also contributed to the growing discourse.

Songburst is an AI song generator that uses text to speech technology to turn text descriptions into original music. Users can use the app to describe the sound they want -for example “a calm piano piece for leisure reading”- or take advantage of the app’s Prompt Enhancement feature to make their prompt more detailed. Because Songburst does not make use of human voices, it can be used for social media content, videos, podcasts, and can even be exported to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

There’s an AI for that

Sometimes it can feel like there are millions of AI apps, all of which are designed to do different things. Of course, the number of AI tools are much smaller than that but there is still an abundance of AI apps on the market today and it can be hard to figure out what app works for a particular function. It is especially difficult to find apps created by startups and smaller companies since most of the media attention on AI is focused on a couple of large AI companies. 

There’s An AI For That is an online catalog that lists over 12,000 AI-powered tools and products to help users find specific apps easily. There’s An AI For That updates everyday and tracks over 700 different AI tools across almost 100 categories. With almost 500,000 searches daily, There’s An Ai For That is filling a gap between the public and these tools that users might not otherwise be familiar with. 

Reroom AI

Apart from streamlining work processes and automating boring tasks, AI can also be incredibly useful in a user’s personal life. There are hundreds of AI apps for personal use ranging from productivity tools that help to manage your daily life to fitness apps that assist users in reaching their fitness goals. There are also some AI tools that serve very specific personal needs and Reroom AI is one of them.

Reroom AI is an interior décor visualizer that allows users to receive photorealistic rendered designs in different styles using just an uploaded photo of that space. With an easy to use interface, users can use the app to experience home remodeling and redecorating plans and visualize design styles and positioning before committing to them. The app allows users including disabled people and people with accessibility needs to create without the limitations that comes with designing. Using Reroom AI, users can access up to 20 different unique styles and save and share the rendered pictures.


Productivity apps have never been more abundant than they are right now. Thanks to AI, we have hundreds of apps that can be used to work efficiently and get more done in less time. Sometimes there are different apps for different functions and sometimes the habit tracker app and calendar app and scheduling app and todo app are all in the same product.

Motion, which was recently named as the fastest growing product by Amplitude’s Product Report, is a productivity app that serves as an all-in-one app for managing the day. The app does this by giving users a minute-by-minute plan for the day including prioritizing and adding tasks to calendar,  calculating weekly tasks and meetings to create a custom schedule, and handling scheduling and communications for its users. The app can also be used for managing projects, calendars and tasks, and as a virtual assistant.


The AI boon has resulted in an abundance of AI apps in various fields that tackle and fill different needs. Some of these apps are widely known and famously breaking download records but most of them are not as well known even with products that are exciting and groundbreaking. These products listed above not only show the range of AI technology, they are also extremely useful when incorporated into day to day activities.

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