ASR leader launches developer tools, free speech recognition, enabling developers to put voice at the heart of their business

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 3, 2021 - Deepgram, the leading automatic speech recognition (ASR) provider, today announced a new program, in partnership with top accelerators such as Y Combinator, that puts the power of voice recognition in the hands of developers. The Deepgram Startup Program provides approved applicants up to $100,000 each in Deepgram speech recognition.

The program will offer $10 million total in free speech recognition and is accepting applicants until the end of 2021. Deepgram also released new features to the company's category-defining speech recognition platform, including a new developer console, software development kits and new API documentation - all designed to create a frictionless developer experience. 

The Rise of Voice Voice is already an integrated component of customer service and call centers solutions, but with the shift to remote work and remote learning, it has become a cross-industry necessity for any organization to build strong relationships with customers, employees, students, or any other audience. Under this changing landscape, Deepgram is providing everything developers need - from early access to better documentation to free ASR transcription - so they can all go build a part of a voice-enabled future.

"We believe in a world where every voice is heard and understood," said Scott Stephenson, CEO and co-founder of Deepgram. "Developers playing and prototyping with our technology is one of the fastest paths to making voice a de facto mode for communications. We're just scratching the surface of how voice can transform business and can't wait to see how these awesome practitioners leverage automatic speech recognition in the real-world." "Deepgram is insanely easy to use," said Hans Petter Eikemo, Co-Founder and CTO of Spot Meetings. "I was extremely impressed with the simplicity of the system. No unnecessary options which allowed me to implement our integration in 1 day."

Voice for Everyone: Deepgram Startup Program The Deepgram Startup Program is designed for entrepreneurs and developers to harness the power of speech recognition quickly and easily at no cost. As part of this announcement, Deepgram is offering $10 million in free speech recognition, with a specific focus on startups removing friction in education and employee experiences-two areas where innovation is needed as they become much more difficult with the shift from in-person to remote. Reasons entrepreneurs should apply to this program include:

  • No membership fee or equity % required

  • Ability to use in conjunction with their grant, seed, incubator or accelerator benefits

  • Removes cost barrier to creating voice-enabled experiences

  • Enables entrepreneurs to work closely with the team that is building state-of-the-art AI for communications

Fulfilling the Needs of the Developer Ecosystem: New Features Deepgram also released new platform features, including a new developer console, software development kits for Python and Node.js to simplify onboarding and guarantee a more seamless user experience. New Platform features Include:

  • Developer Console: The console is a graphical user interface (GUI) that enables users from solo developers to enterprise teams to access the full range of Deepgram ASR services. One of the console's key features, Missions, provides users with a learning path for getting started with Deepgram-with tasks to accomplish and rewards along the way. The console also simplifies usage and billing by offering promotional credits, automated billing and account management.

  • Software Development Kits: The SDKs enable developers to easily start developing applications with Deepgram's speech-to-text platform to transcribe both real-time streaming and pre-recorded audio, as well as experiment with new applications to take advantage of Deepgram's millisecond transcription speed and high accuracy. Deepgram's new SDKs include libraries, documentation, code samples, processes and guides and are available in both Python and Node.js languages.

Learn more by creating an account or apply for the Deepgram Startup Program or contact us today. About Deepgram Deepgram is the leader in enterprise automatic speech recognition (ASR) for call centers and software providers. With our patented end-to-end deep learning approach, data scientists get access to the industry's fastest, most accurate and highly scalable AI technology. We take the heavy lifting out of noisy, multi-speaker, hard to understand audio transcription, so you can focus on what you do best.

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