Article·Announcements·May 10, 2023

Deepgram Rises to #1 on G2 and Receives Stevie Award for Customer Service

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Ralphette English
By Ralphette English
PublishedMay 10, 2023
UpdatedJun 13, 2024

We're pleased to announce that we've recently received recognition from two different venues. First, we're now number 1 on G2 in the Voice Recognition Software category, as well as being highlighted as a High Performer in G2's most recent quarterly report. Second, we won a Silver Stevie Award in the Sales or Customer Service Solutions Technology Partner of the Year category. One of the driving forces for both of these recognitions is our focus on customer service and success. If you've ever tried to use Big Tech's automatic speech recognition (ASR) solutions, you know that if you run into trouble or need help from an actual human, you're pretty much out of luck. You just have to hope that whatever your problem is clearly documented.

Customer Success is at the Heart of Deepgram

At Deepgram, however, we aspire to go beyond these kinds of transactional business relationships with our customers and instead aim to build partnerships. We want to ensure that all of our customers are achieving their desired outcomes and seeing the value of their partnership with Deepgram. Our Customer Success team works hand-in-hand with each customer to have a clear view into what's important for the customer, what their target milestones are, and what a path for growing our partnership looks like. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, from dedicated technical resources for deploying our services to dedicated customer success managers to advocate on their behalf. Deepgram gives each of our customers access to various resources throughout our organization. Need help with scaling? We'll pair you with a Solutions Engineer. Need a tailored model? We'll pair you with a Research Engineer. We're committed to the success of each customer that partners with Deepgram. For example, you can read how developed a partnership with us to create voicebots that are up to 98% accurate in speech to text.

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