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Cognigy is revolutionizing the customer service industry by providing the most cutting-edge AI workforce on the market. Its award-winning solution empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer service that is instant, personalized, in any language, and on any channel. Through the perfect combination of Generative and Conversational AI, Cognigy’s AI Agents are shaping the future of customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and supporting employees in real-time.


Built on the foundation of the world’s leading Conversational AI platform, Cognigy's AI Agents provide next-gen customer service, absorb your enterprise knowledge, and come fully equipped with intelligent IVR, smart self-service, and agent assist. Supplied with dozens of pretrained skills, they work seamlessly with existing enterprise systems, learn from your human agents, and give them superpowers.


Over 1000 brands worldwide trust Cognigy and its vast partner network to create AI customer service agents for their business. Cognigy's worldwide customer portfolio includes Bosch, Frontier Airlines, Lufthansa Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.

Cognigy Deepgram integration demo: (Deepgram integration covered at the 23min mark). 

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