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Three more incredible AI Products to check out!

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Tife Sanusi
By Tife Sanusi
PublishedMar 14, 2024
UpdatedJun 21, 2024

The introduction of AI into mainstream consciousness a couple of years ago has revolutionized the way that people approach and interact with AI tools and platforms both professionally and in their individual lives. With tools like Jasper, Claude and ChatGPT, people are able to research and retrieve information better, produce content easier, and do everything from planning trips to discovering recipes. Other tools like RoomDeco, Synthesia and Adobe Firefly help with more creative work allowing writers to automate the more boring work and focus on what they really enjoy doing. Companies are also using AI to streamline their work processes and go through tasks and duties more efficiently with the help of AI tools like ClickUp, Notion AI, Zoho, and many more.

The abundance of AI tools as well as AI tool directories today can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know where to look or what tool works for a specific task. To help with that, we have compiled a directory of over 2000 different AI tools along with a brief overview of each of them. In these article, we are going a step further and looking at 3 tools in depth. Each of these tools are used for different functions but are united in their level of quality and performance.


Before the introduction of technology into the field, customer service and success was solely done manually and typically involved hours of hands-on labor for little to no reward. With the integration of AI and other technologies, customer success teams are now able to fully optimize their strategies and day to day operations. Although there are probably hundreds of AI tools for customer successes out there, the one that stands out to me is UpdateAI.

UpdateAI is an AI tool that empowers customer success and other departments to filter out all the meeting noise and get to the heart of the meeting action items. Using AI, UpdateAI’s meeting assistant finds and highlights all the action items from the user’s online meetings to make the customer success team more productive. 

UpdateAI is essentially streamlining a lot of administrative work necessary in running a customer success team including eliminating the need for excessive meetings since UpdateAI would help with summarizing and delegating action points whenever a meeting is held. To do this, UpdateAI uses a mix of their own in-house natural language processing (NLP) engine and external technology including Deepgram’s speech recognition technology.

I signed up for a free trial to understand how the tool works and was left impressed. Although the free plan was very limiting, there was still a lot of value in using the product. For one, a SmartSummary was sent after every meeting detailing the important highlights of the meeting as well as action items and a talk ratio letting you know how long everyone in the meeting spoke for. You can also access transcripts for meetings as well as “cheat sheets” for future meetings. All in all, UpdateAI stands out as one of the best note taking tools I have used and can be beneficial to even people outside the customer success team.

Elerian AI

In a world where almost every process and interaction can be handled through text, a lot of people still prefer voice based communication with companies and call centers. According to a survey carried out by Interactions and Harris Polls, 49% of consumers would rather use voice channels to communicate. This is most likely due to the need to have a more human interaction complete with the nuances in tone and context that can only be gotten through speech. This is where Elerian AI comes in.

Elerian AI is changing the customer service experience by creating machines that are able to communicate through voice in a human-like way. Their low-code visual dialogue builder is able to create sophisticated conversational voice bots with very little coding. With Elerian AI, companies are given the ability to build out very rich and complex interactions quickly, erasing the need for teams of software engineers. 

Elerian AI is also promising unprecedented levels of accuracy which would allow their digital agents to understand callers regardless of their accent and dialect. Since Elerian AI is used in South Africa, a country with eleven different official languages and a wide variety of accents and dialects, it was important for them to get precision and accuracy when translating different dialects and accents. It was important that the interaction was as natural as possible so that communication would be very human-like. This was eventually achieved using  Deepgram’s speech recognition technology.

There are a lot of appealing features about Elerian AI including to authenticate returning customers through methods like voice biometrics, one time pins, and security questions. Digital agents are also able to access clients profiles and portfolios across a company in record time and schedule meetings with advisors for customers. Through the use of sentiment analysis and emotion detection, Elerian AI’s digital agents are also able to understand different nuances in a conversation and create personalized human-like interactions.

For the sales team in any company, a stunning pitch is the best way to get your foot in the door that is the minds of customers. While the pitch itself is very important, other elements are also equally crucial especially the representative’s pitch performance. In most cases, a charismatic and informed representative  has the ability to sway an audience even more than the pitch deck. That is why is using artificial intelligence to analyze and evaluate demo pitch recordings of customer facing reps. designed an AI powered pitch intelligence platform for sales onboarding, everboarding, and ongoing readiness that integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems (LMS). The platform provides data and insights on which reps are qualified to pitch and which ones could benefit from more targeted training. ises strategies that are proven to get reps up to speed faster and retain more of what they’ve learned.

Using, new customer representatives can quickly learn the ins and outs of the field with all the learning materials and assessments easily accessible through various LMS. Reps are also able to practice their pitches and get evaluated on their pitch performance using the platform’s yardstick such as pitch summary, performance rader, identified keywords, and keyword usage. These yardsticks help the learning reps to gauge their progress and improve on their weak points. 

My favorite thing about is how specific its product is. There are not a lot of tools that are being built specifically for the education of customer reps. I am also impressed by the fact that is at its best when face to face with a learning representative. Its ability to train using real-world pitch scenarios is truly remarkable.


With the way artificial intelligence is revolutionizing both the tech industry and its consumers, it is no surprise that new AI apps and AI directories are popping up seemingly every other day. While a lot of them are interchangeable, there are still some standouts that are the perfect addition to specific teams or even individuals. Apps like the ones listed above are helping to create a new standard for AI tools by streamlining the workflow of companies and creating more efficient ways to do business. 

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