Welcome to the Voice Ecosystem

Voice is the largest untapped data source and your customers know it. We’re here to help you meet those demands today and into the future. Join the ecosystem of digital leaders that are building the next generation of voice experiences.

Technology & Platform Providers

Integrate transcription into your application without the high price tag or scaling headaches.

  • Reduce customer complaints related to transcript accuracy.

  • Reduce lag time and create human-like experiences.

  • Scale up recordings to thousands of concurrent streams.

  • Create a cost and technical advantage.

System Integrators & Business Services

Create voice experiences that differentiate your product from the competition.

  • Easily add transcription to any application

  • Support wide range of use cases across real-time, pre-recorded, on-premises or in the cloud

  • Create prototypes without the upfront cost or headache

Data Partners

We believe every voice deserves to be heard and understood. We partner with innovators in every industry looking to bring innovative experiences to life.

  • Preferred pricing rates

  • Access new markets

  • Reduce the cost of launching a new solution

  • Leverage trained speech models

With voice data sets increasingly seen as a strategic asset awash with rich insights, timely access to high-quality audio and transcripts for AI engines to reason over is critical. Our partnership with Deepgram delivers this, underpinned by market-leading infrastructure and TCO.

Pete Ellis

Pete Ellis


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